Friday, October 26, 2007

Does OutworX have Profile,Community & Widget on Facebook ?

We all know about Facebook, which is a media, community and application platform that offers a thriving ecosystem, scalable growth, and word-of-mouth marketing. Originally kicked off as a destination for students to connect with one another through social networks, the site has expanded to include companies, professional networks and geographic regions. As per one rough estimate, over half of Facebook’s 43 million users visit every day, spend an average of 20 minutes on the site, and view over 54 billion total page views per month. Now, it is impossible to ignore the growing size and scope of Facebook.

Also, the company announced a set of APIs to make integration and support with third-party services even easier for consumers. The Application Platform gives a web team the capability to swiftly deploy a widget.

In addition, Facebook provides you with targeted advertising option to market effectively, where you can provide messages segmented by location, gender, and or preferences.

If you want to know more about Facebook, click here .

If you want to develop a Facebook platform application, click here .

Participate in Poll

Now, we request Team OutworX to participate in the poll, and let us have your mandate on the following points:

  • What should be Outworx Facebook Strategy?
  • Does OutworX have its profile on Facebook?
  • Can we kick off a Community on Facebook?
  • Shall we deploy a widget/application on Facebook’s Application Platform?
  • Can you suggest a widget/application to be deployed on the API?

Send in your mandate at

Posted by Praveen Panjiar, Blog Evangelist, OutworX Corporation.

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