Monday, October 22, 2007

Facebook Vs. MySpace: Race for Superiority

There is no end in sight so far as race for superiority among social networking sites is concerned , particularly between Facebook and MySpace . If a recent post of TechCrunch can be believed, “MySpace remains the most popular social networking destination”.

As per the new figures released by HitWise, MySpace is losing its market share at least in Australia, as the Facebook razzmatazz goes on. “Facebook has tripled its traffic in the 10 weeks to October 13” as compared to MySpace, which has lost its visitors by 5% during the period.

The post further says that it is tough to grow traffic when you’re already at the top. Though MySpace is soon going to open platform to provide additional services to its members, not much is happening on MySpace front at least for the time being. What goes in favor of Facebook is amazing word of mouth publicity. However, the post accepts with increasing lot of people is using Facebook , maybe it will soon become the only choice in online social networking.

You can read the complete post on the TechCrunch.

Posted by Praveen Panjiar, Blog Evangelist, OutworX Corporation

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