Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OutworX Launched OX Blog

I am truly pleased and, at the same time, overwhelmed to officially announce OX Blog, the corporate blog of OutworX. With a view to improve employee relations, customer relations, and to perk up business processes, we have launched our corporate blog, as blogs have become one of the most economic, efficient and effective platform for both internal and external communications.

OX Blog is our sincere effort to establish a direct relationship with our customers and our employees that build trust and loyalty organically, demonstrate our corporate openness, show our product development expertise and technology capabilities, make obvious our thought leadership, and amplify our corporate message across the industry. And, more importantly, with our corporate blog we are ready to engage in dialogue our clients and market, as well.

In today’s Web 2.0 driven environment, web strategists are relying more and more on blogs and social media platforms for better and real-time interactions with their clients and employees, we too,with OX Blog, are geared up to harness very tangible benefits in the form of customer information and lead generation, increased sales, new business opportunities, higher organic search engine rankings , and in general extra buzz about the company on-line.

In order to accomplish this, creating and maintaining a corporate blog proves to be a very demanding task for your corporate blog evangelist, who is going to have a very tough job in hand, requiring corporate approval for most of the blog initiatives and activities. So the blog journey has flagged off, now enjoy reading, responding, and commenting.

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