Friday, March 7, 2008

Web 2.0 Mantra: Faster, Cheaper and Better

Recently, I have seen an article "Web 2.0: Not very enterprising" in Business Standard, which presents not very encouraging trend for the Web 2.0 market in India, and says “the Web 2.0 market in India is still struggling for direction and funding, though the start-up scene in the Indian consumer space has been vibrant.” To an extent, the statement is substantially true, as homegrown Web 2.0 sites are still miles away from mass adoption in comparison with global biggies like Orkut, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia. Further quoting a report from IDC, the article adds that “ Progress in this direction, this year, will be slow, though steady. Excluding established global players like Orkut, Metacafe, Digg, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia, Web 2.0 startups have a combined user base of around 1.5 million in India, after eliminating overlaps, according to IDC.”

However, this somewhat disheartening trend can be changed much to Indian Web 2.0 service providers by their proactive approach. In a report “How Indian Tech Companies Can Benefit From Web 2.0”, published in Nasscom website, discusses about initiatives to be taken by the Indian companies to leverage the benefits of Web 2.0.

First, it says about Speed of Execution and Effectiveness of the Indian Web 2.0 vendors. “Indian best of breed workforce coupled with best of breed web 2.0 tools and mashups of applications can keep Indian’s outsourcing drive front of the curve.”

Secondly, Developing Creative Services can again provide us an edge over global competition. Indian companies can deliver low cost web2.0 technologies over the web.
The report asks Indian companies to leverage Community in Solution Building by involving global tech talents with the increasing use of blogs, wikis and other web 2.0sources. It further adds, “ Active open communication and mind sharing through blogs, or managing requirements real time without putting a structural workflow around it can provide you a pathway to make a true connection with your customers and create a sense of stakeholder ownership.”

By being Early Adopters of Web 2.0 technology, Indian tech companies will be leaders in the Web 2.0 movement.

Posted by Praveen Panjiar, Blog Evangelist, OutworX Corporation

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