Monday, April 28, 2008

OutworX strategizes Next Generation Web 2.0 Application Development

In today’s technology driven market, Web applications are made of distributed parts instead of being just one application on a Web server at one domain. Web applications leverage external web services and APIs, and they are being bundled up into user distributable components such as widgets, gadgets, badges, etc.

Next generations Web applications are getting more social than they used to be. Powerful development platforms such as Ruby on Rails and cloud computing platforms Google App Engine are increasingly being used by new Web applications.

As we in OutworX moving more towards Web 2.0, building Web applications empowered with competitive features, we are focusing towards galvanizing our team members around following tips to build next generation Web 2.0 applications:

First, more and more of our team members need to understand basics of Web 2.0 and how we can it can be specifically plug into a viable business model.

We are developing our Web 2.0 competency center with team members willing to learn the new models for designing, building, hosting, and distributing Web application, coming out in the market.

More importantly, we need to understand our customers’ psyche which can be small businesses or big enterprises having specific needs, and once we understand their Web applications needs, we can offer them what they actually demand. However, we need not lose sight of the fundamentals of Web 2.0, because it’s what adds long-term value to your products.

Lastly, we need to use all the latest tools, technologies, applications, platforms in our personal and professional life to have better and deeper understanding of them, which will eventually help us understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Posted by Praveen Panjiar, Blog Evangelist,OutworX Corporation

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