Sunday, December 2, 2007

6 Essential Things Developers Need to Know About Google’s OpenSocial


Awfully sorry for giving latest updates on Google’s OpenSocial model for social networking applications so late, as your Blog Evangelist was a lit bit tied up with some other important activities.

What perceived by some as Google’s smart move to outmaneuver the increasing popularity of Facebook, but this is not going to stop developers from building applications for Facebook.

But that doesn’t mean that OpenSocial doesn’t have advantages. According to Joe Kraus, a Director of Product Management at Google, OpenSocial will make things easier for developers "because it makes it easier for them to focus on making their web apps better; they get lots of distribution with a lot less work. It's good for websites, because they can tap into the creativity of the largest possible developer community (and no longer have to compete with one another for developer attention). And finally, it's good for users, because they get more applications in more places."

Better if you look at the 6 essential things, which you need to know about Google’s OpenSocial:

  1. OpenSocial only offers the lowest common denominator, not the full richness of each social networking platform.
  2. OpenSocial is largely based on open standards and there's only minor developer lock-in.
  3. OpenSocial is a real doorway to social networking data portability as well as potential security holes.
  4. OpenSocial is simple and straightforward but also capable of developing full-blown, rich Internet applications.
  5. OpenSocial is from Google and excessive philanthropy should not be expected.
  6. A new era in competency in social software is being ushered in by models like OpenSocial.
If you want to know more about Google OpenSocial, look at the video....

Posted by Praveen Panjiar, Blog Evangelist, OutworX Corporation

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